The Real Importance of Strength Training

Why should everyone strive to build muscle?

First and foremost, building muscles through strength training helps prevent bone thinning which could lead to a variety of medical problems including osteoporosis. Strength training not only builds muscles but it also strengthens your bones making you even stronger. Women are at an even higher risk of such diseases because they start to loose muscle a much earlier age than men. This means that women have to be even more consistent with their muscle building if they want to remain strong and retain more muscle as they grow older.

Importance of Strength Training
Resting metabolic rate, which is the amount of energy that your body burns performing normal body functions while the body is at rest is much higher when you have more muscle in your body. This means that when you have well defined muscles your body can burn off some calories as you do absolutely nothing. The only way to improve your resting metabolic rate is by building more muscle through strength training.

It has also been scientifically proven that having more muscle generally improves your overall health. For example it helps you sleep better and also improves your mental health. Having more muscle also makes your body control its blood sugar better as well as improves your balance. If your fitness goals aim at improving your overall health, then you should definitely dedicate more time to muscle building.

The weight section in the gym may seem intimidating at first especially for women, but once you get used to strength training and weight lifting, exercising won’t feel the same without some actual muscle building exercises. It is important to note that weight lifting and strength training exercises can be dangerous if not done properly. To ensure you have great form during strength training and weight lifting, have an instructor or a trainer around to help you ensure you are in proper form to avoid any injuries.