The Truth About Your Chances to Win Him Back

Losing your boyfriend can make you upset and depressed. However, this is not the right time to get desperate but rather fight to get him back. There is no guarantee that you’ll be successful in getting your ex boyfriend back, but at least you did everything you could to try.

Before you attempt to try anything to win him back you have to implement the so called “no contact rule”. Do not contact him, text him, stalk him or talk with him for a full month. This must be done for two reasons. First, it is done in order to avoid your emotional charge, your hate and anger. You will have time to calm down a bit and work on yourself in order to think more rationally. Second, when you avoid any contact with your ex, he will start wondering why. It is even possible that he will begin missing you.

If he tries to text you or call you during the no contact period you have to ignore him. You have to use this time alone In order to understand what caused the breakup of your relationship. This way, you can find ways to correct it in the future. If you want to win him back, you will need to invest seriously effort and time in order to reach this goal. And the first step is to adopt a new mindset.

You have to understand that your old relationship is dead and to accept it. Read these crucial steps to get your ex back! Instead of picking up right where you left, you need to let it stay dead. Because your old relationship failed because it had issues, there is no point in trying to fix it and resume it. Your goal is to create a better, stronger and lasting relationship with your ex.

Among the things you can focus on during the no contact period is changing your appearance. This way, your ex will thin that you look more beautiful than ever when he’ll first see you again. For this purpose you can change your hairstyle, get in shape, clean up your diet, update your wardrobe, clean up your smile, and clean up any skin problems. You can also make some mental changes by focusing on your work, renew a hobby, write in a journal, have more fun, and reconnect with friends.

After the no contact period is over you may contact your ex by giving him a call, texting him or writing him a letter. Among rules to respect with your first contact is keeping in control and making your ex think only about the most positive experiences during your time together.